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Fab Fit Fun 21 Days to Tone Challenge

What a week it has been! Diet and lifestyle changes have been keeping me on my toes so far this year, but it’s all been good! Maintaining my health for trying to conceive has been ALL THE RAGE in our household! We hit the new year running with eliminating sugar and gluten from my diet and slowly getting back to a work out regimen. I’ll be getting my Ava bracelet in next week, which takes our TTC and carrying to full term to a whole other level! We’re determined to meet a new baby Addis into our little family this year!

If you haven’t subscribed to Fab Fit Fun yet, NOW is the time to hop in! We are doing a community challenge and it is going to be LIT! So much support and encouragement, just what we all need on our journey to good health! Join now by using my link!

Let me know if you join and we’ll do this THANG together!!!! Also, shop this workout look on LikeToKnowIt!

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