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Busy Monday

What a busy Monday today, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I took a couple of days off from working last week to get ready for out-of-town guests. My sister-in-law and niece came for a visit, and it was SO AMAZING!!!!! We had so much fun!

They got in early Friday evening, so we had an early dinner and hung around downtown Portland.


Saturday, we ate at our neighborhood diner, visited one of our favorite coffee shops and walked around lots….LOTS of walking. We also visited the St. John’s area, which was a lot of fun. Little Evie enjoyed putting her toes in the sand and playing near the water.


Sunday, it was brunch then the Japanese Gardens of Portland. We  had so much fun! Darin and I are both missing the sound of laughter filling our apartment already! I’m so thankful for in-laws who love me and support our marriage!



Today, it has been a lot of catching up from taking some time off last week, and preparing for a busy week! I had PCOS Advocacy training and Mentor Monday in Her Soul Purpose Sisterhood group all this evening. I will write more about PCOS Advocacy later, but for now, I need to go make the hubby some dinner! 🙂