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If you have PCOS, then you have probably wondered if CBD is something you should try. I know I pondered this for MONTHS! I finally took the leap one weekend after having a TERRIBLE ovarian cyst rupture. We had JUST moved to the Pacific Northwest and had no insurance. I didn’t want to have to spend tons of money on medications, so my doctor suggested CBD to help with the pain. It was much cheaper then the meds they were wanting to put me on AND all natural! We thought about it and even prayed about it. I had NEVER tried any kind of marijuana, CBD or anything like that before, so I was REALLY nervous.

We researched and decided to try it out……long story short, I will never look back!

It did not make me feel “high” – but it did relax me and numbed the inflammation that was raging in my body!

What is CBD? CBD is an acronym for Cannibidiol. It is a compound in hemp and cannabis that lacks the THC that makes you feel intoxicated. If you are new to CBD, don’t worry – I feel ya! Talk to your doctor before trying this, this is NOT medical advice. This is simply what has worked for me on my journey to PCOS management.

I recently tried Lokus Cannabizol and it is AMAZING!


I normally just put it straight under my tongue, BUT this one is tasty enough to put in coffee or water. I have done both! Feel free to use my code, CRYSSIE10 and try it out for yourself! Let me know how you like it!! I am CONFIDENT you will LOVE IT!!!!

*This is NOT medical advice. Please talk with your health care provider before trying this product out!


**This is a sponsored post**

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Blessings & Seasons

Hi friends! It’s been a while, but I am BACK!


I took a break from blogging to fully focus on Her Soul Purpose, my passion project. HSP is still my BABY and my biggest passion, BUT I miss blogging deeply! I have had Blessings & Seasons for a few years now. It used to be over at Blogspot, but moved it to WordPress not too long ago. I will be transferring most of those blogs over here…….eventually, haha.

What can you expect from me moving forward; blogs about faith, marriage, family, friendship, life, Her Soul Purpose updates, virtual assisting tidbits, lots of pics of Holly our beautiful dog, probably some fashion, health and food. Basically, a little of everything! This blog has always been just all things Cryssie. You will also start to see fun updates on fixer upper farming fun (hubby and I are on the search for one in the south). I’m excited to be back at it and hope you will join me as I tell you all about life’s different blessings and seasons.

**If you are a blogger in Oklahoma, Texas or Arkansas join the Bloggers of Faith FB Group!!! I would love to see ya in there and build community with you!