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The Distractions That Bind Us

I have been on fire this week for all that God is doing! Each night, I hang up the day’s heartaches and refuse to allow the enemy to leave me in a place of defeat. You see, I might have bad days. I might make wrong turns. I might let my pain get the best of me…..BUT GOD!

We have to lean into Him when we find ourselves FEELING defeated. He is able to take the enemies arrows and aim them back to the direction of hell where they belong. Each night this week, I asked God to fill the atmosphere with His Holy Spirit as we slept and I prayed to wake up with fresh eyes and a renewed spirit. I did this because distractions had been taking root in my heart and I needed a refocus, a renewing of my spirit and a re-set in priorities – God first, marriage second, family third, friends forth and business last.

So much is changing in our home and I need to remember who I am and WHOSE I am! If you are anything like me, distractions can take a hold and redirect you into a place you never thought you would be.

Many times, I have put grief from pregnancy loss first – distraction. “A joyful heart helps healing, but a broken spirit dries up the bones.” Proverbs 17:22

Many times, I have put depression first – distraction and a lie straight from lucifer, himself. God did not make us to walk in the spirit of depression – distraction.

Many times, I have put financial burdens first – distraction. “And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19

Many times, I have put pleasing others, (other than God and my family) first – distraction. The Bible tells us we must put our home in order first, we honor God by honoring our families and making sure our home is taken care of and in complete order. “Am I trying to win over human beings or God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I wouldn’t be Christ’s slave.” Galatians 1:10 

Many times, I have put the hurtful actions and fruitless words of others over my life first – distraction. Proverbs 11:9 “Evil words destroy one’s friends; wise discernment rescues the godly.”

Many times, I have put rejection from others first – distraction. “For the LORD will not reject his people; he will never forsake his inheritance.” Psalm 94:14

This is a long one here – mainly because complaining has been one of the hardest habits for me to break – distraction. Many times, I have put complaining first (sadly also complaining about others AND allowing the being complained about take root in my heart)- again, distraction and ugly ugly sin that us women have GOT to stop doing. If we have a problem with a brother or a sister, pick up the phone and reach out – gossip isn’t of God. It’s hard to confront others but it is better than complaining or gossiping about them. God despises gossip – even if it is in a small setting and you are “venting”. I am learning more and more how harmful even venting about others is. It sets root in your own heart and the person you are venting to. My husband always says when I start to talk about a problem or if he happens to hear me on the phone yacking away and complaining about an issue or a person, “if you aren’t going to say or do something to help the problem, then stop talking about it.” Wise man of mine and his words have began to shape my heart more and more when it comes to complaining. If we aren’t going to confront, let it go……. or once it is confronted, let it go and move forward. Sometimes the confrontation is painful but I am so thankful for the people in my life who confront me instead of complaining about me. I am learning a lot from these brave souls in my life. True friends don’t flatter. They tell the truth, even when their honesty may sting. In Proverbs 27:6 King Solomon was inspired to write, “Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.” – Sometimes it is harsh and the truth hurts but the seed produced from somebody’s honesty is beautiful because it allows change to happen – or at least it is has for me. Again, complaining and gossiping is such a distraction from the enemy. One that I am working hard to remove from my life completely! “Pleasant words are like a honey comb, sweetness to the soul and health to the bones.” Proverbs 16:24

Many times, I have put my laziness and fear first – distraction. When someone tells me they are lazy- I tell them there is always a root cause. Mine is fear. When I find myself being lazy, I start to ask myself what I am afraid of. Fear is a distraction

Many times, I put worrying about what others will say or think of me if I take a step in faith – distraction. The enemy will use our fear of other’s opinion about us to stop us from living out our purpose – distraction.

Often times, I have put anger at myself first – distraction. I was in a dark place for a while. I wouldn’t return family members or friend’s phone calls, avoided and refused to set coffee dates up and being social was the last thing on my mind. Once I got out of this dark place, I beat myself up for even being there to begin with – distraction. True friends are the ones who are waiting for you with arms and hearts wide open when you walk into the light from being in a dark cave for so long. Show yourself grace and move forward with those friends. Those are your people. Sometimes it takes really dark seasons in your life to reveal the beautiful lights in your life. Know who your tribe is and love them hard. Life is too short for anything else.

Another long one here, but this is important…….. I was putting the virtual world before my human connections – distraction. One of my best friends, Julie, reached out to me three weeks ago about my virtual assisting job. She wanted to make sure I was maintaining healthy connections outside of my job and putting up healthy boundaries with work and the online world. I admitted to her I was not and confessed that it was easier for me to stay virtual than to face the pain and grief I was dealing with – I didn’t want real life. I felt safe in my four walls with God and my computer. I knew deep down He was ready for me to get out and shine my light for Him, but I was so scared. I was battling major social anxiety. We had just moved across the country, experienced back to back miscarriages, lost our puppy and I had never experienced such social fear, that was new to me and freaked me out….. a lot. I had always been so social and eager to talk to family and friends, but I found myself frozen and numb. I let her know that I had been praying and praying for God to help me with this because it was such an awful and lonely feeling. I knew that because of my prayers, He stirred in her heart to reach out to me because He knew I needed a sister in Christ to hold  me accountable and to challenge me in this area. I was in deep and was using the internet to shield my pain and my grief. First, she prayed such a powerful and bold prayer breaking the root of depression and grief over my soul and also asked the Lord to rewire my brain when it came to the internet and social media.  Honestly, I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about that part of the prayer. I was a little uncomfortable with it because my business and my job are all online and I use a large portion of social media for it…..BUT I knew God would work the way He felt best, so I submitted to the prayer and to Him. I continued to pray about it and ask Him how He wanted me to view social media. I chatted with my husband about it. He is not a social media guy. He rarely gets on his and hates to be tagged in things or have his picture splattered all over the internet. He is very private and I have tried my hardest to honor that part of him and balance his privacy with my need to shout to the world every moment of my life. Here’s the crucial part of this story and how amazing God is…… shortly after Julie confronted me and challenged me to come out of this dark hole I was in, I had coffee with a sweet friend of mine. I hadn’t seen her child since she was born and when that little girl jumped out of the car and ran out, my heart skipped a beat. This particular friend doesn’t post her life on social media. She has it, but rarely puts her private life out there. For the first time, I understood what my husband had been trying to tell me about our life and I completely respected my friend for keeping her family’s life so private. Here’s the thing, I felt honored to be in this little girl’s life. I hadn’t seen her grow up on social media – I only saw her when I was in person, face to face with them. I knew that I had been handpicked to be a part of this child’s life and that this family CHOSE to allow me in….this thought and feeling was so sacred and precious to me. I knew at that moment, I wanted that. I wanted to honor my family and friends in this way. That is exactly what my husband had been trying to say to me all of these years. I just didn’t get it until that very moment. A rewire of my brain – it was amazing. It took a bold prayer from a friend and a beautiful encounter for me to get it. That’s how God works, He sends His angels to lovingly nudge you and just one moment in time to make it all click. I have since deactivated my personal Facebook and will only get on social media for business purposes. All the personal stuff, I’ll just be living it and not worrying about posting it. Will this last forever? I don’t know. I just know that right now, in this particular season I am in, I just want family and friends to have a front row seat to our sacred and precious life we are living. It’s nothing fancy. Darin and I aren’t anything big. We’re just two small town kids from Texas trying to live a life pleasing to God. Our family and friends are EVERYTHING to us, and we want to honor them with our REAL life, not our posting life. Now, let me put a disclaimer here, I don’t think social media is bad. But for me, right now, it is. I need to embrace REAL life and remember why we moved back HOME, to be with family and friends again. So, it’s time for me to BE WITH THEM in REAL LIFE! Thank You Jesus for your beautiful love, grace and way of bringing us back to life. ——- “Better is an open rebuke than hidden love. Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses.” Proverbs 27:5-6. —— I will forever be thankful for Julie’s boldness to confront me and walk alongside me as I confessed to her my fears of the “real world”. Because of her boldness and obedience, she truly changed my whole life and her prayers rewired my brain (my husband thanks you for this too haha). She has also challenged me to seek out three coffee dates a week (as long as one of them is her LOL) and to call one friend I know in person on the phone at least twice a week. Her confrontation stung at first because she shined a mirror at me and I was forced to see the problem at hand. I was embarrassed and ashamed that I had allowed the enemy to USE my pregnancy losses and fear to remove me from reality. Such a distraction. But love wins – Praise God! Thank you Julie for your Godly friendship and for loving me.

The enemy wants you distracted sister! He prowls around us waiting for a way to distract us from battling the spiritual warfare trying to take your purpose and your family down! I don’t know about you all, but I am armoring up, ignoring distractions, focusing on the Word and Power of Jehovah and going to battle! GOD will go before us! He is in this with us! There is nothing you could ever say or do to turn Him away from you as you seek Him and trust Him. All He wants is your complete attention, love and trust. The enemy wants to distract you! You are a wife – battle for your marriage in prayer every day. You are a mother – battle for your children in prayer day in and day out. You are a family member and friend – battle for those that you love daily and reach out when you see them in harm’s way. The devil is out there wanting to take them out one way or another. You do not have time for distractions. We literally live in the middle of the enemy’s playground. Cut out the distractions that bring sin or confusion into your life! 

If you are going through some hard times right now or you are in the middle of prayerfully battling for your family, say this prayer with me right here – I bind and rebuke in the name of Jesus any demon that will try to block mine and my family’s path or our way. The enemy is under our feet. That represents total authority and victory. I make this my confession, and I will go forth in victory and in the power of God. “Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you.” Luke 10:19 


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Be Still

Have any of you all ever had one of those seasons that heartbreak just takes a toll on you? The past couple of weeks have been brutal for my hubby and me. Not even sure I am ready to get into all the details….. BUT What I would like to do is hop on in here and tell you that if you are struggling, know that GOD IS GOOD! It might not feel like it right now, but He really is truly good. Be still and know that He is good and He IS FOR YOU!

“Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!” Psalm 46:10