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Diving Deeper – Genesis 1

Today I decided I wanted to really study the Bible deeply… word for word and really seeing what I can find in scripture when I dive deep, word for word. I have had a deep desire to do this for a while, but I haven’t wanted all of my Bible time or God time to be about “picking apart” word for word the Bible. So, this might be something I do frequently but it will be different from my peaceful God led time with Him. This will require being intentional about sitting down and truly studying scripture word for word.

I started from the very beginning with Genesis 1 and wanted to share my findings. One thing that I saw a couple of times was that on the first day, God immediately recognized the difference between light and darkness and immediately wanted it separated. I love that. Often times I forget that we are called to be separate. I like how Genesis immediately reminds me of this. I studied more and found that we are reminded of this again in 2 Corinthians 6:17, “Therefore, Come out from them and be separate, says the Lord. Touch no unclean thing, and I will receive you.” How many times do we forget this? When I think of something unclean, I think of something that can dirty my spirit. Whether it be a song I listen to, a joke I laugh at or a movie I watch, even the thoughts I think and words I say. This reminds me to be really mindful of what I allow into my spirit because the light in me needs to be separated from the darkness.

Something else that I noticed, on the third day God created the plants, and scripture says in Genesis 1:11, “Every seed will produce more of its own kind of plant.” Automatically in scripture, we are taught about planting seeds. How many times do we hear about that the seeds we plant? This was literally a part of His creation and a part of His plan. We are to plant good seeds and plant seeds of hope and faith for Him and His will.

And lastly, I am reminded in Genesis 1:26 and Genesis 1:27-28 that we are made in His image. Our souls were made in God’s image and He gave us dominion over the earth. He entrusts us to take care of what is His.

I always just read Genesis as the beginning of the earth, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a reminder of who we are in Him and what we are to do in this world. We are to separate ourselves from darkness, plant good seeds for the purpose of a Godly harvest and take care of this earth for Him. Most importantly, Genesis is the creation of us in His image! I love it!

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