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Blessings & Seasons

Hi friends! It’s been a while, but I am BACK!


I took a break from blogging to fully focus on Her Soul Purpose, my passion project. HSP is still my BABY and my biggest passion, BUT I miss blogging deeply! I have had Blessings & Seasons for a few years now. It used to be over at Blogspot, but moved it to WordPress not too long ago. I will be transferring most of those blogs over here…….eventually, haha.

What can you expect from me moving forward; blogs about faith, marriage, family, friendship, life, Her Soul Purpose updates, virtual assisting tidbits, lots of pics of Holly our beautiful dog, probably some fashion, health and food. Basically, a little of everything! This blog has always been just all things Cryssie. You will also start to see fun updates on fixer upper farming fun (hubby and I are on the search for one in the south). I’m excited to be back at it and hope you will join me as I tell you all about life’s different blessings and seasons.

**If you are a blogger in Oklahoma, Texas or Arkansas join the Bloggers of Faith FB Group!!! I would love to see ya in there and build community with you!

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