Diving Deeper – Genesis 3

I haven’t dove deeper into the Word  in  a while. I woke up a little earlier than normal today (my sleeping pattern has been SO crazy lately). So, I thought I would dive deeper, in addition to my daily reading. I decided to spend that extra time with God and in His beautiful Word! I’m so glad I did!

Genesis 3 is a story of the beginning of sin. It is a popular story that most Christians and non-Christians alike have heard since we were little kids. That’s why going deeper into it was a must for me. I wanted to see more than just Eve eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Which, I did. When I dug deeper, it really helped me to understand the importance of obedience. It reminded me that the devil is lurking, ready to devour us like the evil beast he is.

We open up with Genesis 3:1, “Now the snake was the most clever of all the wild animals the Lord God had made.” I want to highlight, “most and wild animals,” in “the snake was the most clever of all the wild animals.” The snake, the cleverest of all the wild animals, is the one that tempted Eve and talked her into eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. This is significant to me, because it took my mind to Deuteronomy 28:26 when the Bible discusses the curses for disobeying. Deuteronomy says, “Your dead bodies will be food for all the birds and wild animals, and there will be no one to scare them away.” Furthermore, Romans 1:21 then talks to us about fools who refuse to obey Him. Romans 1:21 tells us, “Because they did these things, God left them and let them go to their sinful way, wanting only to do evil.” This correlates back to Deuteronomy 28:26, which talks about disobedience leading our dead bodies to be food for the birds and the wild animals and how there will be no one to scare them away, God releases us to the wild animals because of disobedience. Which leads back to the snake being the cleverest of the wild animals. He wants us y’all! He wants to take you and I out. He wants nothing more than to take us away from our precious Father. He is out to devour us completely! The only way he knows how to do that, is to get us as far away from God as he possibly can. And what does that? Sin and disobedience to God.

As I read scripture today, disobedience keeps circling back to….. the enemy. The snake, who tempted Eve.  The snake, who was the cleverest of all the wild animals.  We must understand the difference between obeying and disobeying God. We also must understand that disobedience opens our hearts and life up to the enemy. He is out to steal, kill and destroy us! He is clever in his schemes, and he knows what will tempt us. We have to be aware of his games and put on the armor of God every single day!

Here are some ways to help you in obedience:

  1. Accept Christ as your Savior, and know that He LOVES you SO much!
  2. Stay in the Word as much as possible. Know scripture, dive into the Word as much as possible. That is your armor!
  3. Pray for discernment and be mindful of it. Pray to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and follow that lead.
  4. Trust Him daily, and know that Jesus died on the cross for YOU!
  5. Understand that repentance is seeking forgiveness and then TURNING AWAY from sin, don’t keep indulging in that sin. You are forgiven, but not so that you can keep diving into that sin. You are forgiven so that you can live a pure life and walk a narrow path!

Being obedient is so important to our walk! It is VITAL guys! I pray you are sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and that you will walk in obedience for Him!

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