He Lifts My Head High

A few days ago I got my reminder in the male for my one year mammogram.  I can’t begin to tell you the different emotions that went through me as I read this letter.

August 15, 2016 was a HUGE day for me.

Prayer For Teachers & Students

Fall is almost here y’all and many of your kiddos have recently or are about to start school! What a beautiful time of the year this is! For teachers, it’s a new school year with new minds to influence and teach! For parents, it’s a time of letting go just a little bit more as your little ones are yet another year older and another year closer to graduating. For the kiddos, it’s another new year of adventures, growth, memories and of course learning!  As parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, it is so important that we cover our teachers and students with prayers.

A Big Faith In Any Job

Living in big faith means living a walk and lifestyle so close to God’s heart that even the strongest of unbelievers can’t resist noticing it. Often times, people think that if they don’t work for the church or in ministry that they aren’t walking as close to Him as say a, ministry leader or pastor. The truth is, we all are human and have a choice to walk a christian walk and live a christian lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you work in ministry or work as a secretary or doctor or dog walker.

God’s Wisdom Supersedes All Human Wisdom

Lately I have really had to put my faith out there. I have had so many ups and downs over the last few months, that emotions have left me at a loss.I have made some pretty drastic moves in life, literally, moves. Darin and I moved cross country from Texas to Washington. We made the leap of faith and obeyed Him.